Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Art, Tequila and Sunsets

After this past busy December season, I made my regular escape down to the tip of Baja where I decompress, write, enjoy sunsets, sip tequila, make art and spend time with my husband, Art. 

Desert Road and Zacatitos Mountains _ Photo by Kat Beaulieu

Growing up as the only child of a field geologist, I spent considerable time in the deserts of California and camping in remote parts of Baja with my parents. The East Cape of Baja is breathtakingly beautiful where the desert meets the Sea of Cortez. Here is a brief photo blog of my most recent trip to blissful Baja.

Zacatitos beach

My husband Art enjoys the simplicity of living off the grid although the complexity of living strictly on solar and having water trucked in is anything but easy. Living off the grid does however, make one appreciate conservation and ones most basic needs. 

Sunset view from our Casita.

The flight from San Jose California to San Jose Del Cabo is just 3 hours and I usually have enough frequent flyer miles to make the trip several times each year. We have many friends in the small community where we live in and my husband Art stays down there for several months at a time. Pictured below is our off the grid artist friend Jaime who creates wonderful driftwood sculptures. 

Jaime, Driftwood Sculptor and Marty

Driftwood Sculpture Exhibit 

Free spirited artist, Jaime

Art is cleaning out a space below our tiny Casita where we can both be creative. The industrial garage and "Gecko Lounge" space is already feeling energized and my close friend Kat (who recently visited us for a week)  and I painted two simple plywood tables. It was great fun painting a table with a friend and because so much of my creative energy goes into making jewelry, it felt freeing to be exploring another artistic venue.

Gecko Table Sketch
Marty painting her Gecko Table

Kat painting her Cactus Table
Finished Cactus and Gecko Tables

Art is making this industrial art space into an after hours Karoke Lounge. Check out his industrial cement bar and  his ingenious bar stools. 

Tequila toast _ Art and Kat 
Note; Marty is still painting?

Lest anyone think that Marty is all work and no play, I soon joined the Gecko Lounge Party.