Sunday, January 17, 2016

Baja Road Trip - A Day in Zacatitos

Wednesday, January 13th, Zacatitos

Bob is puttering on the knoll in front of our house this morning and we introduce him to John and Will. During the conversation, we mention that John is advanced scuba and rescue dive certified. 

We walk to the organic market for breakfast and to buy a few vegetables. The market has moved from in front of Zac’s to a small house just down and across from the abandoned Cactus Corner. Raoul and Zita are there selling their produce, tamales and fresh salsa. Leanne is selling her tie dye clothing and there are two jewelry vendors.The delicious, all vegetarian breakfast burritos are cooked inside the small kitchen and we sit in the overgrown courtyard and eat and visit with Maha and Marshall. 

Organic Market - Will, John
Organic Market - Marshall and Maha

The ocean is much calmer today and John and Will go down to the beach together so I am not overly worried about either of their safety. John returns with a fish and is in the process of cooking it in garlic and butter when Art decides to take a quick desert ride on his fat tire bicycle. Art runs into Jeff who is also riding his fat tire bicycle and Jeff invites Art to ride along with him but Art tells him that John is cooking up a fish he has just speared and Jeff follows Art to our house. Jeff asks John if he would like to go diving with him tomorrow morning and they discuss gear and Jeff sizes John up at 160 pounds and tells him that he has a thicker wet suit that will fit him. John accepts the invitation gladly and agrees to be at his house at 9:00 A.M. in the morning.    

Raven and Suebee
The Blessing of the Baby

Nancy and Gina

Essential Oil Blessings for the Baby

I spend a relaxing day at the house writing and just before 3:00 P.M. I drive to Raven’s house for the blessing of Maha’s baby, Tara. Raven’s small beach side house is artistically appointed and beautifully situated just above the beach. The gathering is intimate and Maha is positioned on a throne of honor with Marshall siting below and beside her. We sit in a circle, propped on large pillows and Raven begins the ceremony circling the gathering and smudging each of us with sage and a feather cleansing. She then makes the circle again with a singing bowl, chiming once and circling our heads with the vibrating bowl. As a group we chant Ohm, repeating the chant in overlapping harmonies for five minutes. Papers have been passed around with words to a Hindu blessing song and we sing the chant repeatedly for nearly 10 minutes. Maha is blissfully radiant, a glowing goddess. Each of us are given an tiny vial of essential oils with a descriptive name. My oil is named Romance but others hold Clarity or Strength or Calmness. In turn, we stand and approach Maha with our oil, say a few words relating to the essence and rub the oil on her growing belly as a blessing. In closing, Maha receives a few gifts. I have tucked a bottle of Frankincense oil and a rose candle in a tiny bag to give to her. Another woman gives her a book of chants and a CD. Unlike a wine induced party, we visit with each other quietly, say our gratitude to Raven for hosting the event and say our goodbyes.  

Art, John, Will and I go to Cinema on the Sand to see Love and Mercy, the story of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. John Cusack and Paul Dano star in the film. We bundle up warmly but I am still somewhat cold and in my opinion, the movie is rather slow. 

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